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About us

Orangeignite is a boutique fitness and wellness studio located in North Providence on Mineral Spring Ave. Orangeignite offers popular group fitness classes that include Yoga, Zumba, boot camps and small group personal training in a clean and upscale space. We will offer pilates, barre and buti yoga shortly after the launch.

We feature  smaller, more intimate class sizes that are lead by highly trained instructors resulting in an experience that is unparalleled. 




Gisela Gomes
(Zumba Instructor)

Gisela has been an avid Zumba dancer for more than 10 years. She became certified Zumba instructor in 2014. It has made a huge difference to her personal health. "Zumba is a great way to get an intense workout while having some fun at the same time."

sara greene

Sara Greene
(See Description)

Sara has worked in the fitness industry since the age of 5 years old, when she helped her father organize weekly road races. She is a personal trainer, and is certified in Zumba, cycling, TRX, Cize, Insanity, and Yoga. She has taught children and seniors, and runs bootcamps throughout the year. She has trained people for 5ks as well as Tough Mudders and Spartan runs. Sara’s goal is to make fitness fun and addictive. Her classes are energetic and friendly. Everyone is always welcome!

Jessica Bennet
(Fitness couch)

orangeignite is a boutique fitness and wellness studio that offers small group fitness classes and personal training.

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